Through high school and college I had always gone to the gym and did what most other people did: arms, chest, shoulders and some legs. After school I thought a good way to fill my time would be to improve myself and get more serious about lifting for looks but also for health.  I came across Excel, had an evaluation with Dave and decided to sign up right away. One thing I liked the most (and still do) is that Excel is specifically for personal training and clients share the facility with only a few others at a time. I have found that this allows for the ultimate flexibility in training sessions and is something that isn’t found at any other gym.

I’ve been training for 8 months and thanks to my personalized plans have met all my goals. My body fat went from 14.5% to 9% in a 12 week period. I’m happier about the way I look and more importantly how I feel. Dave has worked one-on-one with me to address the usual pain in my left shoulder and has taught me the proper way to train with balance around each joint so as to stay healthy and pain free.

 In addition to the motivation that comes with working out with Dave, the knowledge that I have learned about overall health (healthy eating, weight lifting and conditioning) has been invaluable. In fact, I actually didn’t realize how ignorant I was until I started working out at Excel. From proper squatting techniques to planning out a week’s meals, what I’ve learned from Dave has changed how I look at working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

 Dan D. – Methuen, MA


When I began working with Dave, I had minimal experience lifting weights or doing any type of conditioning at all. Knowing that I wanted to gain weight and increase my strength and muscle mass for an upcoming lacrosse season, Dave assessed my goals, strengths and weaknesses, and created a comprehensive program specifically suited to meet those goals. In 4 months of working with Dave, I have gained 15lbs. Also, when I began training with Dave a set of 3 pull ups was a challenge. I can now complete 12 pull ups with relative ease. More than this though, I can clearly see and feel the difference each weekend in my lacrosse games.

 Walker H. – Weston, MA


My name is Charley Allen.  I am currently a freshman at Bowdoin College where I play football.  I have spent the last five weeks of my Christmas Break training at The Weight Room with Dave Coffin.  After my first session, I knew I was at a place where I could gain a competitive edge on the playing field.  The knowledge, professionalism and support of the trainers are perfect compliments to serious athletes looking to succeed in his or her sport as well as to individuals who just want to lead a healthy life.  In the few, short weeks I was at The Weight Room I put on 8 lbs of muscle and saw significant improvements in my squat, bench, push press, and hang clean.  I recommend The Weight Room for anyone who is willing to work hard and get in the best shape of their life!!!

Charley Allen – Weston, MA


When I started working with Dave I just wanted to get stronger and
faster. I play lacrosse (year round – it’s my main sport) but I am also
a runner so having strong muscles is very important to me. When I first
started we did a lot of of different exercises and warm ups. After the
first week I decided that Dave was a very good trainer. He set up a
workout plan that was specific for our needs. As he knows we are
lacrosse players, we work on our upper body and legs. The way he ran the
workout seemed easy at first, but now I have seen that his method of
training has greatly helped increase the form, speed and velocity of my
shot. In the five months I have trained with him I have been able to
bench double then when I started.  I can squat and deadlift almost
double my body weight (When I started training 4 months ago I was 120lbs,
now I am 130lbs). I also have met my goals which were to gain muscle weight
and become healthier.

 Josh D. – Marlborough, MA


I have been fortunate enough to have known David Coffin for a number of years, not only on a personal level but also on a professional level.  Being the varsity coach at Marlborough High School for both boys Varsity Hockey and boys Varsity  Lacrosse, I have been able to take advantage of his vast knowledge as a strength and conditioning coach.  His ability to deal with today’s student athlete, putting together an extensive program to make them better athletes, has been invaluable to the Marlborough High School Varsity Ice Hockey and Varsity Lacrosse programs.  If anyone has the opportunity to work with David and doesn’t would be doing there program an injustice as he has made my student athletes better prepared for their respective sports.

Coach John Butler – Marlborough High School Varsity Ice Hockey and Varsity Lacrosse


I was so psyched to have found Dave Coffin this summer for my son, Nick Flannery. I only wished I had found him earlier. I checked out a bunch of other local trainers and facilities and knew I had found the right place as soon as we met with Dave.  Dave’s program helped Nick to develop the power, strength and endurance necessary to compete as a Division 1 collegiate wrestler! (As a former wrestler Dave especially understood what Nick needed to accomplish!) I was surprised to see Nick deadlift 300 lbs and perform 1000 vertical feet on a versa climber in just over 5 minutes!  In fact the exercises and lifts he learned will help him in the next 4-5 years in Division 1 wrestling at Cleveland State University!  Thank you Dave!

Kelly Flannery – Framingham, MA


I am a fairly competitive athletic individual. I enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle. I hate being sidelined with injury. When I began training with Dave Coffin at The Weight Room, I was looking for a way to physically challenge myself. I wanted to increase strength and explosive power for rowing and running; I wanted to train smart and avoid injury, and to do so in an environment that was friendly and motivational. What I get at The Weight Room is a personalized, challenging conditioning program, designed to meet my fitness goals, and then some.

Dave Coffin is an excellent strength and conditioning coach. He is highly skilled and professionally certified, and he is committed to seeing his clients reach their fitness goals. He is adept at taking a movement screen and at developing a personal fitness plan. He invests a great deal of time teaching proper lifting technique and ensuring proper movement patterns. What you get at The Weight Room is unconventional by commercial gym standards. The private or semi-private training environment ensures personalized treatment. It is functional, and “sport specific” fitness in a real way that a simple muscle-isolating resistance weight-machine based curl/push/pull program never really is.

Training with Dave Coffin at The Weight Room has taken my fitness to the next level. Simply put, I have become a smarter and stronger athlete. Realizing this is rewarding and keeps me coming back.

Marcy D – Weston, MA


I have had the good fortune of working with many people who strength train with Dave. Without fail, when I ask them how they like training with Dave, to a person, they first roll their eyes, let out a groan, murmur something about “that guy”, and then proceed to smile and say how much they love it and how much it has helped them. To a person! I’d like to say that I don’t know what he does to them, but unfortunately I do, I commend him for it, and commend his clients for letting him do it! In addition to my private practice, I also have a faculty position in the Exercise and Health Sciences Department at UMass Boston…Dave’s alma mater. I’d like to take some credit for his development as a professional, but unfortunately for me he passed through my program prior to my assignment. Regardless, I am proud to call him an alumnus of our program. Keep up the great work Dave….and I’ll continue to tell my patients that “that guy” is the meanest looking nice guy around. Great Strength Coach!

Dr. Timothy Morgan – Umass Boston Professor, Marchese Sports Therapy


I have been training with Dave Coffin since June of this year (six months). I started training to prepare myself for a four month ski trip that I plan to take this winter. My decision to go the Personal Trainer route was the best decision that I could have made. I have always worked to stay in shape, but I had never worked with a personal trainer before. Dave had me adjust my eating habits to improve my nutrition, increase my energy level, and increase the fat burning ability of my body. In addition, the workouts have been well planned and designed to increase my all-around fitness, strength, power and flexibility.

Dave has designed my workouts to focus on areas that he knows are important for skiing (just not the après-ski cocktails and hot tub part), to give me the strength and stamina to perform at the highest level possible. The workouts are always challenging and demanding, without asking more than I am capable of. There is no question in my mind that without Dave’s help and prodding, I never would have achieved so much in six months, or maintained the self discipline to work as hard as Dave has had me work. I feel that I have done as much as possible in six months and I am now ready for my trip.

Having stayed with the program for six months, I can see and feel the difference. I have managed to lose a few pounds and I can feel the improved muscle tone all over my body. I wish that I could add that I have gotten better and younger looking, and that I had re-grown more hair, but I am too modest to say something like that. I’ll just let others say that about me!

 Paul M. – Wellesley, MA


 Since starting my training with Dave last spring my physical fitness and knowledge have increased tenfold. The most important factors of my training are the relationship and I have with Dave. This ensures that I work at my best through each workout session and program, as well as allowing Dave to know when changes need to be made to fit my body’s strengths and weaknesses. For example, my upper body was much weaker than my lower body so Dave had to constantly adjust my workouts to allow me to work the major muscle groups without stress on my arms and shoulders from holding onto heavy weights. The same adjustment was made when I needed to develop stability in my shoulders to avoid injury and incorporating stretching routines into my workouts to maximize my ability on certain movements.

 Dave shares his knowledge of the physiology of the exercises I am doing which helps me to make the connections not just visually from observing demonstrations, but also in my head and then in the muscles I need to engage to maximize the exercises using correct form. This information allows me to pick up new movements quickly and effectively, often to my surprise! He knows how I learn and tailors the coaching accordingly.

 Dave motivates me to succeed during every single session and I look forward to my workouts even when I don’t feel in top form. Dave’s encouragement and belief in me has kept me on track and he has helped me to make the necessary changes in my life to lose about 30 lbs thus far. What’s more, training with Dave is always fun, always hard work and always leaves me looking forward to the next session no matter how tired I am.

 Morag B. – Wellesley, MA


I have been training with Dave for the past 4 years and must say that I look forward to each and every workout with him.  Every week I am inspired by his creativity and drive. Dave educates and instructs me , (and sometimes gives me the kick I need ) to get through the programs he devises for a killer workout!  He has helped me bring my fitness level to an all time high, having more energy and being the strongest I have ever been.

Dave has a depth of knowledge about nutrition and anatomy that is inspiring and offers himself as an example of health and well being.  Dave encourages me to make progress with my personal goals and doesn’t let me give up when things get tough.  Whatever your personal goals, with some good humor and fun, Dave will help YOU get there too !

Marlo W. – Wellesley, MA


Dave is not your run-of-the-mill muscle bound jock.  He is a superb trainer who understands physiology, diet and the most effective ways to help his clients get stronger. His training is based on progressively increasing strength and endurance in a safe way.  Dave is always upbeat, even at 6:00 in the morning.  He motivates his clients with a blend of honesty and humor.  I’ve worked with numerous trainers in the past; Dave is the best, bar none!

Susan P – Wellesley, MA


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