9 Random Thoughts Regarding Training by Dave Coffin

  1. Experience is the best teacher.  Academic preparation is important however real world experience trumps it in terms of actually learning what works from a coaching perspective.
  2. Long rest periods are necessary.  Remember, we are training to get better not tired.
  3. In related news, not everything has to be a conditioning stimulus.
  4. Some exercises are more worthwhile investments than others.  Most people are training with time constraints.  Spend your training time wisely.
  5. If something hurts, don’t do it.
  6. Training sessions should be viewed as small pieces of a larger picture.
  7. Nobody has their best day every day.  Consistent effort applied over a long period of time is the recipe for training success.
  8. Kettlebells are great tools as are barbells, suspension training apparatuses (i.e. TRX, blast straps, etc), sleds and dumbbells.  Each tool has a place in a training program.  However, being married to one versus the other or making blanket statements such as, “All you need is kettlebells or blah blah blah” is short sighted and silly.  I cannot recall the last time I heard a carpenter say, “The only tool I need to build your house is a hammer”.
  9. There are no magical diets or training programs.


About dcoffin280

I am a Boston based strength and conditioning coach.

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