The Weight Room’s 2-Day Training Template


This is the general template I have used with clients who train 2x/week.  It works well and clients can get great results from this set up.  Each day is set up basically the same with Day 1 dedicated to the squat and bench press and Day 2 dedicated to the deadlift and standing press.  For both days, the squat and deadlift as well as the bench press and standing press are the strength work, typically done anywhere for sets of 3-6 reps depending on the client.  The upper body pulls that are paired with the bench press and standing press should also be done with relatively heavy weight for sets of 6 or so.

You will notice that each day also contains a circuit of assistance exercises.  This is a great way to get additional work in.  Please understand that these are not conditioning circuits.  Clients use the heaviest weight possible for the designated number of reps, which is usually sets of 10-12.  It is performed in a circuit format due primarily to time constraints, however there are rest periods between each circuit to ensure clients are able to maintain sound technique.

The conditioning is typically sled work (dragging or pushing), Airdyne Bike (intervals or distance for time), or Versa Climber (intervals or distance for time).  I use these implements because I find them to have a pretty low learning curve which enables clients to get a great training effect without too much focus on technique.

Lets get to some training.


Warm Up Circuit

This circuit usually consists of direct work for the core (sorry, that word is just too lame and overused) midsection as well as preventitive maintenance type work.

A1 Squat Variation

B1 Bench Press

B2 Pull Ups or Chin Ups

C1 Single Leg Variation

C2 Standing Press Variation

C3 Row Variation


Day 2

Warm Up Circuit

This would be the same set up as Day 1 but not necassarily the same exercise.  It would depend on the training age of the client.

A1 Deadlift Variation

B1 Standing Press

B2 Row Variation

C1 Posterior Chain Variation

C2 Horizontal Pressing Variation

C3 Vertical Pulling Variation



This template is by no means magic.  However, I do think it is pretty solid and it has certainly served my clients well.  It is a great option for most people who want to be strong and fit but only have limited time in which to make it happen.  The template is flexible enough to tweek for individual clients with different needs (both orthopedic and otherwise).  If there are any specific questions regarding this template, fire an email at me and hopefully I can help.

About dcoffin280

I am a Boston based strength and conditioning coach.

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