Why Do I Train?

Why Do I Train?

  1.  I train because swimming in a pool of mediocrity is not appealing to me. 
  2.  I train because I will not be the father of two boys who is too busy to take care of himself.  The apples won’t fall far off of the tree.  After all, if they see their primary male role model making excuses why he cannot dedicate a few hours per week to better himself, why the hell would they go the extra mile in academics, sports or their career when there is a million excuses to take the easy, comfortable way out?
  3.  I train because I look forward to chasing my kids and their kids around when other guys my age are huffing and puffing, complaining about how everything hurts and how “it’s just part of getting old.”
  4.  I train because exercising is what normal people do.
  5.  I train because there is nothing funny about being weak and lame.
  6.  I train because I am a strength and conditioning coach.  Practice what you preach.
  7.  I train because I want to make sure my lower body will never ever fit into those skinny girl jeans that all of the little boys like to wear these days.
  8.  I train because it makes the rest of my life that much easier.




About dcoffin280

I am a Boston based strength and conditioning coach.

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  1. I train because I like being stronger than most dudes and I like lookin’ hot!

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