Fifteen Thoughts, Rants & Ramblings on Training & Life

  1. Humans are physically capable of more than they think…a lot more.
  2.  Attitude is everything.
  3.  Wondering when you will reach a 300 lbs bench press when you cannot bench press 150 lbs is a bit ridiculous.  You have to walk before you run.
  4.  There are no absolutes.  Everything depends on the individual and their set of circumstances.
  5.  Everyone should complete one full season of wrestling in high school.  It would just make the rest of their life so much easier.
  6.  Its not that you can’t do it…its that you don’t want to do it bad enough.
  7.  Those who think that lifting weights and breathing heavy is stupid must also think that dealing with illness later in life sounds like a smashing good time.  Just saying.
  8.  The reason that the $10 per month gyms are so popular is because there is no level of commitment. 
  9.  I have said it before and I will say it again, the goal of strength training is to get strong…not tired.
  10.  Beware of the coach who preaches but does not practice.
  11.  A good friend of mine (who is also a great strength coach) recently told me that he was not authorized to use the TRX straps at his gym until he completed the gym’s TRX certification.  Really?  Are you kidding me?
  12.  One of the most technically sound squats I have ever seen was performed by my 3 year old son.  Fact.
  13.  Does anyone know if there is a law regarding false advertising and food?  I just have a stinking suspicion that fruit loops are not “a good source of whole grains”. 
  14.  Don’t be one of those people who are always going to start their diet on Monday…live in the now.  In addition, make it a lifestyle, not a phase.
  15.  I do not have emotional attachments when it comes to training nor do I buy into the latest and greatest nutrition trends.  For training, I use what works best for what I am trying to accomplish.  My nutrition goes something like this, eggs, meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, water, fish oil capsules, and a multi-vitamin.  When the time is right, I will have some potatoes, oatmeal or good quality bread.  I am so sorry but magical drinks extracted from exotic berries from god knows where will not cure diseases, induce weight loss, etc. 

About dcoffin280

I am a Boston based strength and conditioning coach.

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  1. Simply put….. you inspire me!

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