Quality Over Quantity in 2011

Do you take creatine?  Do you lift heavy weights?  Do you make noise when you exercise?  These are the types of questions I remember from a radio advertisement I heard for a local commercial gym, attempting to recruit all of the new year resolutioners (is that even a word?) with their $10 per month membership.  These questions were each followed with, if you answered yes, then our gym is not for you.  This was the only part of the commercial that I agreed with, but thank you for reminding me.  Your gym definitely is not for me.  Your gym is the equivalent of fast-food fitness.  Its cheap and it looks pretty good in the pictures.   However, upon further investigation your facility thrives on those individuals that sign up, show up for a couple of months (or less) and never come again but continue to pay. 

Then you have a facility like mine, The Weight Room.  The lifeblood of my business is client results.  Yes, we lift heavy weights.  Yes, it is possible that clients could make noise when they are training, and yes I do in fact have some clients that actually supplement their diet.  As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding my friends.  I have training programs dating back months and in some cases years for every client as well as body composition measurements.  Weights progressively get heavier over time, which is ok, because the goal of strength training is….uh strength.  In addition, body fat percentage typically goes down, because as you get stronger and increase lean tissue, your resting metabolic rate increases, meaning, you burn more calories sitting on the couch watching the Patriots beat up on the Jets and the rest of the NFL.  This is a good thing. 

The clients that I am speaking of range from high school and college athletes to 30, 40 and 50 year old lawyers, business executives, salesmen, moms, and dads.  Everybody lifts APPROPRIATELY heavy weights and everybody gets stronger and improves.  EVERYBODY.  What the commercial factory fitness facilities don’t tell you is that the lifeblood of their business is based on the majority of their members not showing up.    In order for me to feed my family and myself (and believe me when I tell you I eat more food than you could ever even begin to imagine) my clients must get stronger and better conditioned and I must prove this to them with numbers.  It is as simple as that.  Results are the name of the game and my blog is littered with testimonials from tons of clients from every walk of life. 

With all that being said, save yourself the aggravation this year and don’t waste your time or money on these commercial fast food fitness leeches.  Instead, make the same investment in your health as you would in your car or your house and seek out a facility that is based on quality of training over quantity of memberships.  Best of luck for a productive 2011.

About dcoffin280

I am a Boston based strength and conditioning coach.

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  1. Quality is important when dealing with people’s body and health in general. I believe there is a local commercial gym similar to this that has free access to tanning beds and their UV – not a lot of quality there, at least not long term.

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