Bad Ideas in Training

1.  Taking advice from those who do not practice what they preach.   

2.  Standing on wobbly discs and pads while lifting 5lbs dumbbells.  You will not get stronger and you will not improve core strength.  This is a complete waste of time and if you are paying someone to instruct you through this, I feel sorry for you.  The S.A.I.D principle applies here.  This acronym stands for specific adaptation to imposed demands.  If you wave 5lbs dumbbells in the air while standing on one leg, you will get better at standing on one leg waving 5lbs dumbbells in the air.  If that is your goal…well then your program design is perfect.

3.  Not training lower body because you run 3x/week.  Running does not make you stronger.  Does it make you more cardiovascularly fit?  Perhaps…but not stronger.

4.  High school athletes copying the programs of college and professional athletes.  Remember, training is a progression.  Learn to crawl before you walk and learn to walk before you run.

5.  Basing the quality of a training session on how tired you are at the end.  The goal is not to get tired, the goal is to get better.

About dcoffin280

I am a Boston based strength and conditioning coach.

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